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Oil & Gas

Originally founded in the early 1900s as Anderson Prichard Oil Corporation, APCO Oil was founded by J. Steve Anderson and Lev Prichard. Anderson Family Office still manages active wells & mineral interests purchased by J. Steve Anderson with Capital he received when he sold his shares of the original corporation. His son, J. Steve Anderson Jr. Worked for APCO Oil Corporation until his death in 1972. Today, Thomas S. Austin owns and utilizes the APCO Oil Corporation name to manage legacy mineral interests and develop new wells for Anderson Family Office.

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In 2018, AFO  launched APCO MED, a vertically integrated medical marijuana company with retail stores in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. In 2019, APCO MED partnered with a High Times magazine to produce the intake process for Oklahoma’s first Cannabis Cup.

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Motion Pictures

Currently available titles include: Inhumanity (2018), The Right to Love: An American Family(2012) and Heels(2018).

Anderson Family Office is developing it’s next feature film slate to start production in 2020. APCO MEDIA is also set to launch in Spring 2019.

Anderson Family Mission

Our mission is to become one of the most trusted family offices in Oklahoma City by carrying forth the pioneering legacy and passion of our founder, J. Steve Anderson, his brothers Paul Anderson and Thomas N. Anderson and his son J. Steve Anderson Jr.. These successful businessmen and civic community leaders are responsible for the growth and establishment of Oklahoma City and the state of Oklahoma from 1910 onward.  We aim to be part of the current Oklahoma renaissance by building brand new industries. Like Wildcatter, J. Steve Anderson, his brothers and son,  who pioneered oil, we aim to dig into the wells of media, technology, real estate and Cannabis for new streams of revenue and development that will fuel the current rise of industry in Oklahoma.

ION Oklahoma magazine 2017 featuring J. Steve Anderson on it's cover.

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