What is Anderson Family Office (AFO)?

Anderson Family Office, Also known as Anderson Investments, is an organization that assumes the day-to-day administration and management of the J. Steve Anderson family investments. We provide more that just the standard wealth management functions. We also provide for tax compliance work, access to private banking and private trust services, document management and recordkeeping services, expense management, bill paying, bookkeeping services, family member financial education, family support services and family governance.

What type of investments does AFO have?

Anderson Family Office invests in oil & gas, alternative energy, real estate (domestic & international), fiber optics, Fluorospar mining, network infrastructure & data center, collocation properties, internet tech start-ups, graphite, gold mining, healthcare, the cannabis industry and the entertainment industry. AFO invests in private and public companies.

Do you invest in start up ventures?

Yes. Currently, we are invested heavily in new technologies that are on track to disrupt current ideological patterns. We feel that those opportunities almost always begin in the start up phase.

Do you collaborate with other family offices?


How long have you been around?

Anderson Family Office has been in existence since the 1950s. Today, AFO is in it's sixth generation of wealth management.

Where is AFO located and where are your investments located?

Anderson Family Office is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Our investments are centralized in North America with a few projects abroad.

On what types of investments or charities does AFO focus?

Anderson family Office is currently launching a new enterprise in the Oklahoma Cannabis industry by rebranding our 100 year old petroleum company APCO Oil into a vertically integrated Medical Marijuana corporation under the new name APCO MED. In addition, we are launching a new media company called APCO MEDIA to create regional and national advertising campaigns. Our new phase also includes real estate investments.

Anderson Family Office regularly supports the Veterans, Parkinson's research, Artists for Trauma and supports artists and individuals on a case by case basis towards higher education.