Oil & Gas

We currently hold interests in active wells in every major region of the United States. Our oldest interests date back more than 75 years and we are actively developing new wells in Colorado, Kansas, Texas & Oklahoma.

Motion Pictures & Television

Currently, we have two features, Inhumanity & Heels, available in all retail outlets including iTunes, Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Family Video and more.  Most recently, Ford Austin Executive Produced Rogue Hostage with Tyrese Gibson and John Malkovich and directed by Jon Keeyes.  He also stars in What’s Buried in the Backyard directed by Mike Blevins. We are currently in production on an Oklahoma-based documentary to be named later and in pre-production on the feature film, Triple Latte starring Marc Wasserman (Pot Brothers at Law); set to start filming in Hollywood, California in 2025.


We are actively investing in fully permitted Fluorspar mines in the United States. These minerals  positioned to be the most important energy & manufacturing product our world has ever seen. By investing in Fluorspar mining in The Americas, we have a chance to not only catch up to China, but to surpass the world in mining and processing. Every single battery in the world needs it. That is a huge opportunity.


Fiber Optics, Network Infrastructure & Data Center / Collocation Properties

This is the technology that connects people and the world. AFO is all about communication and every technological resource that enables people to stay connected. By investing in these sectors today, we are positioned to be part of the evolution for years to come.


Collective Future

Everyday, we all get up and breathe the same air. We look at the same sunrise. We live a life our ancestors only dreamed about. Now, we have the power and drive to create a future for generations to come. A future that is brighter than ever. Because, on a long enough timeline everything improves. Look forward to the sunrise. Look forward to everything. Look forward.